Pagrindinė nuotrauka


Groups of 3 to 6 students from higher education institutions of arts are eligible to participate. 

The aim of the creative workshop is to establish a concept of space which:

  • Would host the artworks (regardless of style or form) or be an artwork itself;
  • Could be changed (transformed) in 4 times throughout 2022 (i.e., would host new artworks or would be partially (but not substantially) changed as an artwork itself);
  • Could stay open throughout the day and night unprotected;
  • Would not succumb to atmospheric conditions (rain, snow, wind, etc.);
  • Would become a prominent artistic attraction for the area.

Creative workshop (except the work in Groups which is unregulated) will take place virtually. Technical information about the space for creation and the objectives will be provided for participants’ convenience.

Every Group will create 1 concept of ARTERIJA art space. The participants are not restricted as regards the way in which the works shall be performed. Works must be submitted virtually, in graphic/visual form (drawings, layouts, collages, video material, etc.)

Organisational and informational support during the workshop will be provided by organisers and mentors.