An artwork is not an object directly reflecting reality but rather creating a new one altogether, it acts all by itself and does not just “showcase” in it by itself but weaves a new fabric of reality. A public, exhibited artwork becomes an agent, engulfing the viewer into an unpredictable experiential act and opens the possibility of recreation in the process of understanding.

Painting is a special type of language. It reaches the viewer without uttering words of making sounds, it is a visual experience. But the authors of the “To Hear the Image” exhibition reshape the rules of understanding images and thus the visual works acquire the performative aesthetic. True voice of the author, the individual narrative mode allows to reflect on the artwork as an unfinished item that is subject to improvisation and interpretation by the viewer or listener. The idea behind the exhibition gives the possibility to perform painting inside one’s mind, while voiced artworks acquire an imaginary, dreamlike shape.

The participants raise questions whether a colour, a brushstroke, a facture, in other words, a painting space itself can be translated into a verbal language. Does the voiced utterance of a word red, rouge, raudona contain the force of the colour, is the utterance an equivalent for a profound impression it leaves? Paintings voiced by authors themselves give way to their new shape that attaches itself a new layer with each word and draws a uniform image inside the listener’s mind.


/ Associate Professor, dr. Jovita Varkulevičienė /

Authors of the exhibit: Pranas Griušys, Aušra Vaitkūnienė, Mantas Valentukonis, Šarūnas Baltrukonis, Eglė Marcinkevičiūtė, Lilija Gotautaitė-Smalinskė, Raminta Stasaitytė (VAA Kaunas Faculty), Alfonsas Vaura (VAA Kaunas Faculty)
Curator of the exhibit: Andrius Zakarauskas (VAA Kaunas Faculty)
Sound editor and author of visual projection: Saulius Paliukas (VAA Kaunas Faculty)
Architect of the exhibit: Rimantas Giedraitis (VAA Kaunas Faculty)
Organisers of the exhibit: Jonas Audėjaitis, Rimantas Giedraitis (VAA Kaunas Faculty)