Vidinio banerio foto


Throughout the seasons, “Arterija” invited to experience art in open-air setting. It wanted to bring a person passing by to a standstill, to make them glance above, or to devote oneself to listening, ruminating, reminiscing. In the final act of the “Arterija” project, the authors will invite the visitors to devote themselves to the art and experience it in unconventional ways.
“The art project will make familiar the secretive and invisible birthing of an artwork, when the painting process itself begins talking about the transformation of conscious (and subconscious, of course!) visuals into a piece of painting art. We shall observe how the authors orbiting the creativity are bound by its gravitational pull” says an architect and the curator of the exhibition Rimantas Giedraitis.
“Arterija” exhibition, which will concur with the closing events of Kaunas 2022, is comprised of three acts: an audio painting exhibit, kinetic sculptures, and the reciprocal exhibits on the move that are scattered among the public spaces of Kaunas.
The opening of the final exhibit of “Arterija” project will take place on November 24th, 6 PM in V. Kuzmos street. 
The project “Arterija” is arranged by the Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas Faculty and is a part of the programme of the Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 event.