Arterija III

A 3rd exhibit – on September 16th.

A human builds the world and the world is built around it. That is the thought that unites the ideas and exhibits at ARTERIJA. A third exhibit, created by the lecturers at Textile Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas faculty, the artists Lina Jonikė and Monika Žaltė, is made just for this purpose to reveal the relationship between human creation and environment, to accentuate the sustainability concept, which opens out via the ideas about water.
In this exhibition, the river stream is promoted as a rumination about sustainable lifestyle, consumer habits, ethics of ecology. The themes are linked with researching the natural world, understanding it, learning from systems of nature and applying them in creative ideas and experimental interpreting of materials. The artists-researchers have individually selected the materials and visual media, which directly relate to the themes explored regarding contemporary design, object multifunctionality, the psychological human condition, image mythos, evolution, and other problematic fields. Fields of research have grown into new forms of creative experimental materials, objects, and connections that bind to discover a new approach, unexpected solution, to see oneself in the stories told by artists.

 It is not a coincidence that this exhibition takes place in the public creative space of Vilnius Academy of Arts named “Arterija”, which houses geographical, natural, historical, and conceptual meanings all at once. This context is essential for comprehension, examination, and remaking of materials by turning them into art and employing them for generating methods of sustainable life and environment.

The opening of a third exhibit-installation If You’re alive, come to me in a wave with a white crest – On September 16th in V. Kuzmos g., Kaunas!